Jack Daniels Black 40% 100cl

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Jack Daniel's Black Label, often simply called Jack Daniel's, is an American Tennessee whiskey produced by Brown-Forman Corporation. Here are the characteristics of Jack Daniel's Black Label:

Aroma: The aroma of Jack Daniel's Black Label has distinct notes of oak, sweet caramel, vanilla and light smoke. It is a whiskey with an intense and characteristic aroma.

Taste: The taste of this whiskey is unique and rich. There are notes of caramel, vanilla, oak and soft smoke. It is a whiskey with a full and smooth taste, with a distinct sweetness and hints of spice.

Finish: Jack Daniel's Black Label has a long and warm finish, with a slight oak feel and a slight burn in the throat.

Method of production: Jack Daniel's is one of the few whiskeys in the world that undergoes a kneading process in karlovka water, which makes it slightly more mellow than many other whiskies.

Usage: This whiskey can be consumed neat, on ice, and as an ingredient in many cocktails, such as Jack and Coke (Coca-Cola with Jack Daniel's), Lynchburg Lemonade or Tennessee Mule.

History: Jack Daniel's is one of the most recognizable whiskey brands in the world, and Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee is one of the oldest operating distilleries in the world.

Jack Daniel's Black Label is appreciated for its exceptional quality, rich flavor and versatility in the preparation of drinks. It is a classic American whiskey that is appreciated by whiskey lovers around the world.

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