Captain Morgan Spiced 35% 100cl

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Captain Morgan Spiced is a popular type of rum that has gained a lot of popularity as an ingredient in many classic drinks and cocktails. It is a spice rum, meaning it has been enhanced with the aromas and flavors of various spices, giving it a distinctive and distinct flavor profile.

Here are some features that characterize Captain Morgan Spiced 35%:

Aroma and flavor of spices: This is a rum with an intense aroma and flavor of spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and others. These spices give it a warm, slightly spicy and slightly sweetish character.

Multiple uses: Captain Morgan Spiced is often used to prepare various drinks and cocktails, such as Cuba Libre, Piña Colada, Mai Tai or Mojito. Its distinct spicy flavor can add an interesting twist to classic recipes.

Alcohol Grade: Captain Morgan Spiced contains 35% alcohol, which is a moderate level, making it easier to mix with other ingredients and create balanced drinks.

Distinctive Bottle: Usually comes in a distinctive low profile bottle with a label featuring the character of Captain Henry Morgan, a legendary privateer figure.

History and brand: The Captain Morgan brand is a reference to the historical character of Captain Henry Morgan, who was a famous pirate and adventurer. Although these rums are not directly related to the historical figure, the name refers to the climate and adventures associated with the times of pirates.

Availability: Captain Morgan Spiced is available in many liquor stores around the world and is one of the most popular choices in the spiced rum category.

It is worth noting that this information is based on my knowledge up to September 2021, so it may be out of date or not reflect new variants or product changes.

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